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Angry Birds dev Rovio aims for $1.2bn

And pigs might fly?

Rovio's declaration to Eurogamer that it is worth "north" of PopCap ($1.3 billion) may not be far from the truth.

The Angry Birds creator is said to be negotiating a funding deal that would value the company at $1.2 billion, Bloomberg reports.

Rovio will apparently use the money to further expand Angry Birds outside the bounds of gaming. This tallies with what Rovio told Eurogamer about its Ice Age-like film aspirations for Angry Birds. It also fits with the vision of Angry Birds TV animations as well as merchandise like cuddly toys and clothing.

Plus, Rovio intends Angry Birds to be on all gaming platforms going forwards. Google even selected the ubiquitous Angry Birds for the Google+ Games launch today.

Angry Birds recently passed the 250 million downloads mark across all platforms.

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