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Games can be good for you, say scientists

Wii titles and DDR, to be specific.

Scientists at the University of Oklahoma have made the amazing discovery that waving your arms about or jumping up and down burns more calories than sitting still.

As reported by the LA Times, the scientists did a study of 23 kids aged between 10 and 13. They measured how many calories they used up resting, watching TV and using a treadmill. Then they monitored them while playing Wii Sports boxing and bowling, and playing Dance Dance Revolution on two different skill settings.

While playing the games, the kids burned at least as many calories as while doing moderate to intense walking - and about three times as many as they did while resting.

"An important feature of exergaming is the entertainment factor, which may motivate some users more than traditional exercise modes," the scientists wrote in their report. Well worth attending university to work that out.

"Active games such as DDR or Wii may offer an alternative to sedentary screen games and could be incorporated into more structured exercise programs as a complement to activities such as walking and cycling."

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