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Dance Dance Revolution: Classroom Edition announced

48 mat-multiplayer will fight child obesity.

Konami has announced a new Classroom Edition of perennial party game favourite Dance Dance Revolution that will be compatible with a whopping 48 dance mats.

As reported by Joystiq, the project will be formally unveiled on 24th February at the California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance Conference as part of a wider initiative to tackle childhood obesity.

Up to 48 dance mats can connect to a single PC running the game "for full class or after-school recreation participation".

"Research indicates that interactive, movement-based video games such as and especially DDR, greatly increases' students' Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity minutes, thus positively impacting students' overall health and fitness, and decreasing the prevalence of childhood obesity," read CAPHERD's announcement blurb.

Are European kids fat enough to warrant a UK launch? We're checking in with Konami right now to find out.