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Gamers' Voice slams The Wright Stuff

Makes official complaint.

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Gamer rights group Gamers' Voice has pledged to write to UK broadcaster Channel 5 after The Wright Stuff linked violent video games to a real life murder.

Last week panellists on the topical talk show associated 22-year-old murderer Leon Dunkley's London gun rampage with violent videogames.

Jailed for life Dunkley murdered a 16-year-old girl after she went to buy pizza.

The Hoxton resident, who was a member of the London Fields gang, shot Agnes Sina-Inakoju through the window of a chicken and pizza shop in April last year.

The shooting was the culmination of a violent and escalating feud between groups of youths from different parts of Hackney, east London.

The Wright Stuff, however, alleged a link between video games and the crime.

A clips from 18 rated Activision shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was shown at 10.30am on Thursday 14th April – before the watershed.

"It's nothing new that TV loves to sensationalise gamers and shooters," reads a Gamers' Voice statement issued this morning.

"Instead of trying to learn and educate themselves as to why people commit horrific crimes, TV loves to target gaming. Gaming is easy to attack and it seems that it can conveniently 'explain the increase violent behaviour'.

"Gamers' Voice will be writing to Channel 5 and Princess Productions (who produce the Wright stuff) to complain at the completely unbalanced content of the show and also, inexplicably, that they showed footage from a 18 rated game at 10.30 in the morning."

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