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Frostpunk DLC roadmap for 2018 revealed, and it's all free

Igloo you to the screen for a while longer.

I loved Frostpunk (read my review if you like) but it was a bit thin, so 11 bit Studios revealing the downloadable content coming this year is very welcome news. Better yet, it will all be free.

The biggest addition will be a whole new scenario - a bespoke, storied campaign. Currently Frostpunk has two - Ark and Refugees - in addition to the game's main story. The third and new scenario will be called The Builders, and that's all we know.

"This is the most substantial update for 2018," said 11 bit Studios in a Frostpunk Steam update. "A brand new scenario with its own story and challenge. We won't spoil anything at all at the moment but let's just say you should stay excited."

Probably the second-biggest addition is what sounds like an endless survival mode, called Endurance, which is players have been asking for. Frostpunk, as it stands, ends, and you cannot play further.

"One of the major requests from you was to implement some kind of endless or sandbox mode," said 11 bit. "Endurance game mode is our response to your needs. But as you can expect from us - it's gonna be our distinctive take on this feature."

Assuming this is in order, The Builders scenario is up third, and endless Endurance mode fourth.

Plus, Frostpunk will get a photo mode/tool, the ability to change the names of your citizens and automatons (more customisation is planned), and an even-more-difficult mode called Survivor. "This mode will unlock some new, special modifiers that should make you sweat - even though it's -120℃ out there!" said 11 bit. "It's our first big update and we plan to roll it out in June!"

That - alongside bug fixes, tweaks and general maintenance - is it for 2018, "But we have more ideas (and we bet you have some, too) to implement in upcoming year 2019..."

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