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Frogger hacked to include New York traffic

5th Ave Frogger tracks real-time cars.

Ancient amphibian arcade hit Frogger is being updated for the 21st century with the inclusion of real-time traffic from a New York street.

5th Ave Frogger includes cars and trucks from the real 5th Avenue, tracked via webcam and turned into 8-bit obstacles for you to avoid.

New York creative chap Tyler DeAngelo is the brains behind the new game. He's been charting its progress via the 5th Ave Frogger blog, documenting the game's car-scanning technology, day and night modes and giant rats.

"This year is Frogger's 30 (ish) birthday," DeAngelo explained. "To celebrate, I wanted to imagine what Frogger would be like if it was developed today."

Footage of 5th Ave Frogger's car-tracking tech lies through the link below.