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Fresh Highlander details pop up

Plot bits and body uses.

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Eidos has trickled out new information for its Highlander game.

Its take on the well-known licence begins in Gaul over 2000 years ago, where young Owen MacLeod discovers he cannot die in none other than a gladiatorial arena. Awfully handy.

After this he lives forever with his special Quickening powers and is guided by mentor Methos. Soon he attracts the attention of a very powerful enemy who tracks him right through time to the modern day, and you embark on a quest to piece three fragments of a stone together to wield the power you will need to stop him.

Big lures here are adventuring through the ages and probably making friends with Jesus and or whoever. Swordplay and special powers should make things interesting too, and you will unlock new skills as you cut other Immortal heads off and consume their power.

Interestingly your indestructible body will play a large part too, used as a way of disarming foes by impaling yourself on their weapons, as a crash mat for jumping off buildings, or as a conductor for high voltage electrical currents.

Eidos announced Highlander back at the Leipzig Games Convention in August, revealing French outfit Widescreen Games as the developer.

It boasts around 77 other characters to meet and maybe decapitate, plus around 18 missions to complete and cities full of playground-like toys: zip-wires, beams, that sort of stuff.

Is supposed to be a bit gory, too, so here's hoping the third-person action can replicate something as free form and fun as Crackdown.

Highlander is due out on PS3, 360 and PC this year.

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