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GC: Highlander details emerge

Quick, chop its head off.

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Eidos has finally revealed details about its Highlander project, naming French outfit Widescreen Games as the developer of the PS3, 360 and PC games.

It will be a third-person action adventure that spans over 2000 years, giving you a chance to explore feudal Japan, medieval Scotland, a futuristic vision of New York and Pompeii before the historical volcanic eruption.

Similarly to the film, the aim will be to journey around the world and meet other immortal warriors in battle, lopping off their heads to win. You'll have the choice of Katana, Claybore or Double to use, and be able to use various techniques to overpower your foe - like Resurrection, Chi Balance, Fireblade, Wind Fury, Stone Armour and other powered-up special attacks.

You'll be the newcommer Owen Macleod, but come face to face with 77 other characters along the way - some familiar from the television series or films.

Widescreen is promising around 18 missions to tackle in general, and lots of ways to get around your environment: zip wires, dagger and traverse climbing, swan dives, free falls, cannonballs and beams.

It sounds like it will be a gory and mature affair, with a predicted adult age rating, and is due for release sometime next year.

Widescreen Games is responsible for titles like Dead to Rights II and upcoming swashbuckler Black Buccaneer.

Head over to our Highlander gallery to see the first shots of the game.

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