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French Revolution courtroom drama We. The Revolution gets a release date

Beheading for March.

We. The Revolution, an intriguing and attractive game about playing judge during the French Revolution, comes out 21st March 2019.

That's a PC release date but a Switch version is apparently due "shortly after". The press release doesn't mention a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One release.

Johnny played and wrote about We. The Revolution a couple of months ago, calling it "a horribly queasy game about life and death" which, to me, sounds irresistible.

The idea is you play as a judge in a Parisian court in 1794, towards the end of the notorious Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, where tens of thousands of death sentences were dished out.

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Despicable crimes will be tried before you - crimes which you will convince yourself beforehand you will see justice for. But then come the mitigating factors: a lack of actual evidence to commit someone who reeks of guilt; emotional pressure from your family to acquit - even though sense declares otherwise; and political pressure from the merciless government and public around you. And your mind will change.

It's a battle with your conscience, in other words, as you decide whether to imprison, acquit or send to the guillotine.

Small and relatively new Polish studio Polyslash is behind the game, so it's not a big budget affair, but it's attractively put together in a kind of polygonal illustrated way.

I'm looking forward to it.

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