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COD5 XP boost, UT3 Black free weekend

UT bundle includes Titan Pack access.

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Those of you fond of shooting one another in the face will be able to enjoy double experience points in Call of Duty: World at War for the next few days, or sample Unreal Tournament 3 for free on PC all weekend.

Treyarch is celebrating the Makin map with a week of COD5 double XP across all platforms, meaning that every server will be clogged full of homophobic narcissists of every description twenty four hours a day as every teenager in the world clamours to unload shotgun rounds into your face. The double-up kill bonus will be available from today until 12th March.

Secondly, Steam account holders can get their hands on Unreal Tournament 3 Black for free for the weekend, just by hitting a button. And not a button marked 'pay' either. It's the full game, which will also be under a 40 per cent price reduction up until 15th March, and you will be able to sample the new Titan Pack as part of the weekend promotion too.

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