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Free Realms membership detailed

What's not so free-to-play.

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Sony Online Entertainment has revealed the benefits of the optional subscription to its free-to-play family MMO, Free Realms.

The USD 4.99 a month charge - European pricing unconfirmed - will grant access to five exclusive jobs (or character classes), three character slots (free players only have one), leaderboard rankings, and hundreds of extra items and quests.

The members-only jobs include the Archer, Ninja, Medic and Weaponsmith. Wizard, Chef, Postman and Racecar Driver will all be free to all players, according to the Free Realms site.

Free Realms is due to go into open beta on PC next month, with a PS3 version later in the year, and it's looking slick as oil. More info on our Free Realms gamepage.

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