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Forza 3 Ultimate Collection sighted

In Aussie and German rating databases.

Microsoft will release an "Ultimate Collection" version of Forza Motorsport 3, judging by its appearance on the Australian classification database.

The Ultimate Collection showed up on the OFLC website (thanks Joystiq) the other day and reveals the game was classified on 19th August.

It's not the first we've heard of Ultimate Collection, either. A bit of digging reveals that it also appeared on the German USK database earlier this month for a short period.

There's no sign of it in the UK's BBFC listings nor the US' notoriously trigger-happy ESRB equivalent, and Microsoft has not commented.

At E3 in June Microsoft unveiled a new Forza Motorsport game for Kinect and said it would be released in 2011, so perhaps this Ultimate Collection is a stopgap aimed at diverting some attention away from Sony's Gran Turismo 5 in November.

Microsoft and developer Turn 10 have supported the game with a number of premium downloadable content updates since its October 2009 release, so it would not be surprising to see those bundled together.

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