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Former Netflix-exclusive Valiant Hearts: Coming Home out now on PC, consoles

Walt this way.

Image credit: Ubisoft

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is now available across consoles and PC, following its previous launch for smartphones via Netflix.

The game is now available on PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox consoles as part of a new collection, suitably titled Valiant Hearts: The Collection, which packages together Coming Home and its predecessor The Great War.

For a reminder of how it looks, there's a new trailer below where you can "experience the full emotional journey of love, sacrifice, and friendship". The colleciton will set you back £20.99. The game can also be purchased separately for £12.99.

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home | HD Launch TrailerWatch on YouTube

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is described as a "dramatic narrative game" by Ubisoft, and sees players following the interweaving stories of James, Anna, Ernst and George. Walt (the first game's canine companion) returns in the sequel to help players work their way through these stories, which include themes of friendship, survival and sacrifice "amidst the turmoil and tragedy of war".

We first got wind that Valiant Hearts: Coming Home would be making the jump to consoles earlier this year, when ratings for the sequel were spotted on Brazil's ratings board. The First World War Ubisoft sequel was previously exclusive to Netflix on mobile, and was announced during 2022's Game Awards.

Image credit: Ubisoft

If you are yet to play the Valiant Hearts games, be sure to check out Eurogamer's Valiant Hearts: The Great War review, where our Donlan called the game "strange, memorable and often powerful".

"While Valiant Hearts struggles to make sense of itself as a game, in its odd, playful innocence and in its focus on four friends (and a dog) it at least offers a fleeting human perspective on a new kind of war that turned out to be far, far worse in its mechanised violence than anybody was quite expecting," he wrote.

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