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Ford finally gets dirty

Empire's new racer is filthy.

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Empire has announced a new Ford racing game for PC, PS2 and PSP.

It's due out at the end of November and won't be shy about getting its cars dirty, apparently. Previously the various licensed vehicles weren't allowed to get a scratch on them, but this time the laws have been relaxed - so all manner of grime will collect on those squeaky-clean tires. You might even see some body damage.

Tentatively titled Ford Off Road, it will offer-up various four-wheeled monsters from the manufacturer's famous motoring catalogue, which you'll be able to trash over 24 detailed tracks - spanning across mountains, forests and deserts.

There's lots of different race modes, like Time Trial and Show Me The Money, and an expected life of around 15 hours in the main campaign.

PS2 users will be able to enjoy split-screen multiplayer, or up to six of you can race it out on PSP Wi-Fi. The PC multiplayer offering was mysteriously absent. Lost in all the filth, we reckon.

The last two Ford Racing games have met middle of the road reviews, both landing perfect half-marks at 5/10. Pop over to our Ford Street Racing and Ford Street Racing: LA Duel reviews to find out more.

Meanwhile you can dabble in the first Ford Off Road screenshots over in our cosy gallery.

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