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Firewatch on Steam lets you buy physical copies of in-game photos

UK pricing and shipping detailed. Time to get scrapbooking!

Firewatch's Steam version offers one exclusive feature missing from its console counterparts: the ability to order physical copies of your in-game photos.

The outdoor adventure game contains an in-game disposable camera that you can use to take screenshots of the virtual wilderness. Then, upon completing the game, there's an option to head to a web store and order physical versions of these photos.

Developer Campo Santo even went to the effort of creating a fake photo development company, Fotodome, which is mentioned in the game, then their logo is embedded on the envelope when the physical pictures are sent out. TechBuffalo published their Firewatch photos (below) and our Ian Higton ordered himself a set that's currently on its way.

Publisher Panic, Inc co-founder Cabel Sasser confirmed to Eurogamer that this service costs $15 (about £10) and it's the same price worldwide. "Obviously, we make less money off of UK orders," Sasser said of the pictures that are printed and shipped from Panic's Portland, Oregon headquarters.

"To keep the product affordable we're shipping First Class Mail. The good news is that lets us hit $15. The bad news is it can take up to a month for First Class Mail to make it across the so-called pond."

When asked about bringing this feature to consoles, Sasser said "we're actively investigating it for the future but have nothing to announce. Keep an eye on our Twitter etc. if and when we have anything to say!"

Our Chris Donlan found Firewatch a refreshing experience that was occasionally a little too clever for its own good. "Firewatch is a triumph of craft, but the consequence is that, when it comes to genuine emotional involvement, it always keeps you at a slight distance," he said in his generally positive Firewatch review

Additionally, you can watch Ian's Let's Play through Firewatch's spoiler-free teaser build.

Here's Ian's Firewatch vacation photos that will one day be used as he regales his friends and family with tales of his misadventures in 1980's Wyoming:

Cover image for YouTube videoFirewatch - Live, spoiler-free PC gameplay