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Firewatch dev releases printable maps for co-op navigation

You are here. (Or maybe over there.)

One of Firewatch's most divisive design decisions was whether to reveal the player's location on the in-game map. This convenient waypoint system works well for most video games, but Firewatch is about feeling lost as you navigate Campo Santo's gorgeous scenery using only your compass, wits, and sense of direction. As such, many opted to disable this feature for a more immersive experience. But if you really want to immerse yourself in Firewatch's navigational challenges, Campo Santo has unveiled an even better option by releasing files for printable maps.

Now you can navigate your way through the Wyoming wilderness without awkwardly fiddling with analogue sticks and all the cumbersome zooming and panning that they entail. You can even scribble your own notes instead of relying on the ones player character Henry jots down.

More importantly, it offers a new co-operative way to play Firewatch as one person can assume the role of a navigator in another's game. "If you play games with someone next to you on the couch, print this out and hand it to them, and your formerly disinterested couch-sharer is magically transformed into an officially engrossed Firewatch Navigator And Map Scribbler," said Jake Rodkin on the Campo Santo Blog. "If you just want something to put up on your wall, you can do that too."

The Printable Firewatch World Map comes in two types: clean and textured. Any of you planning to play it this way?

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