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Final Fantasy XIII-2 domain registered

More to come from Lightning and Snow?

A company that has registered website domains on behalf of Square Enix in the past has nabbed finalfantasy13-2game.com.

Internet sleuth supererogatory spotted the registration and then tweeted it.

Registrant Corporation Service Company is, as supererogatory notes, Square Enix's normal registrar, and has put its foot down on websites for Mindjack, Nier and Gun Loco in the past.

So, what is the domain for? Fans of divisive RPG Final Fantasy XIII will hope it relates to a direct sequel. Such a move would not be without precedent: In 2003 Square, as it was then, broke with Final Fantasy tradition and released a direct sequel to Final Fantasy X, called Final Fantasy X-2, for the PlayStation 2.

Square Enix hosts an event this month, called the Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere. Could Final Fantasy XIII-2 make an appearance?