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Final Fantasy III hits Wii this week

Virtual Console release for SNES classic.

Square's classic SNES RPG Final Fantasy III arrives on the Wii's Virtual Console download service this Friday, Nintendo has announced.

It's the original 1994 version and will set you back a princely 900 Wii Points – that translates to a little under £7 in real money. It's worth noting that SNES games are usually 800 Points. No explanation has been offered for the price hike.

Now for the confusing part. Technically this is actually Final Fantasy VI. However, seeing as when it was initially released in the US the first two titles in the series had never left Japan, it was referred to as Final Fantasy III in the West.

It was ported to the PSone in 1999 and then the Game Boy Advance in 2007, where it won a glowing 9/10 from this very site.

Also available for download this Friday on Wii is the ambiguously titled Bingo Party Deluxe (500 Points). DSiWare gets a slightly more meaty selection with strategy effort Castle Conqueror (500 Points), puzzle platformer Arctic Escape (500 Points) and 5-in-1 Mahjong (200 Points).

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Final Fantasy VI


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