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Final Fantasy 15 designer's No Straight Roads headed to Nintendo Switch

Street date.

No Straight Roads, the rhythm action platformer from Final Fantasy 15 lead game designer Wan Hazmer, will come to Nintendo Switch.

Today's announcement confirms both Switch and Xbox One versions of the game will debut alongside the previously-detailed PlayStation 4 and PC launches on 30th June.

The Switch version is getting a little extra love, however, with the addition of a local co-op assist mode, and a three-player co-op option when one player acts as assist there.

Cover image for YouTube videoNo Straight Roads - Gameplay Trailer | PEGI

Work on No Straight Roads began in late 2017, after Hazmer wrapped up his role on Final Fantasy 15 at Square Enix and set out to found his own studio, Metronomik.

Martin chatted to Hazmer about his decision - and his plans for Metronomik to put Malaysian talent on a global platform - when he took a look at No Straight Roads at the tail end of last year.

"It's a rhythm action platformer, with Tim Schafer humour served up with some late 90s Sega style," Martin wrote. "It's part Psychonauts, part Jet Set Radio, part Space Channel 5, and it all makes for quite the intoxicating mix."