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FaZe Clan's Nickmercs promotes maskless event in wake of TwitchCon San Diego's mask mandate

"Do you, and we’ll see ya there."

Last week Twitch updated its policy for its TwichCon San Diego event, making masks a requirement while indoors as well as proof of vaccination or a negative covid test.

Many potential attendees were put off by the lack of safety measures, but following the policy update others are now refusing to attend due to the mask requirement.

FaZe Clan is organising its own event in San Diego at the same time, and its co-owner Nickmercs has stated masks won't be required.

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Sharing Twitch's tweet, he wrote: "The MFAM and I will be doin' our thing down in SD, it'll be poppin' all weekend. Already spent over $300K with more to come. No mask requirements, no vaccine requirements at our events. Do you, and we'll see ya there."

In a thread responding to his announcement, he replied: "Absolutely. It's time to get back to it. We're here & we're gone. It goes by quick. If you wanna live in fear of a virus, be my guest. The CDC backed off. We're following all the rules & state guidelines. I'm gonna get out there & live live live. SD gonna be a fkn movie!"

The MFAM event was planned to run alongside TwitchCon "months ago", said Nickmercs, but he's using Twitch's policy update as a marketing spin.

He also replied to the Twitch tweet with "L" (loss), as did other members of FaZe Clan.

Many streamers, meanwhile, have thanked Twitch for the updated policy.

"Thank you for listening to the community. Would've been better if this was the policy all along, but this helps," said accessibility advocate Steve Saylor.

"People in the comments mad about wearing a piece of cloth," said Lowco. "How embarrassing to out yourself as not only inconsiderate but a cry baby too. You're the reason COVID spreads and Cons make these rules so please get your refund and stay home weenie antimaskers."

FaZe Clan is yet to publicly respond on the official account.

The popular esports and gaming brand is no stranger to controversy. It's now a publicly traded company with plans to invest in Web3 games. Members have also been kicked out for abusive language.

TwitchCon Amsterdam took place last month. Next year's European event was announced to be in Paris.