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Farewell, Emma!

Insert horrible pun here.

Hi all! I'm sad to say it's Emma's last day at Eurogamer. Emma joined Eurogamer's news team as a reporter intern in 2018 and impressed us all so much we hired her. Since then, Emma has done some truly impressive work for Eurogamer. There are so many articles under Emma's byline worth checking out, but I'd like to pick out a few I'm particularly thrilled we have on the site.

Just a few months into the job, Emma investigated Twitch's casino section and found it to be an "insidious mess" in plain view of children. What I love about this piece is it demonstrates Emma's determination, thorough research and attention to detail.

I love Emma's June 2019 assessment of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's child soldier level, which, like so many of Emma's pieces, taught me something I didn't know about the world. This piece nailed Modern Warfare's campaign so truly on the head that there really wasn't much left for me to say about it when it came time for review.

While Emma has never been afraid to take on difficult subjects, she's always found the fun, the weird and the unusual in her reporting. Emma's December 2019 piece, I went Christmas carolling in Rust with a real piano - and got shot a hell of a lot, isn't just one of my favourite features Emma has written for the site, it's one of my favourite features we've ever published. Funny, heartfelt and perfectly timed, with a wonderful supporting video, below.

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More recently, Emma has done fantastic work reporting on cool video game community stories, such as Valheim's Body Recovery Squad (there's another great video in that one), the gun-runners of Fallout 76, and the storm chaser of Red Dead Redemption 2, but has also been willing to get out there and report on the world. We're going to look back at Emma's stories on the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S during the pandemic for years to come.

And of course, Emma is one of the founding members of the Eurogamer news cast. I've loved recording the show with Emma and Tom each week, catching up on what we've been playing and running through the week's headlines. The laughs we've had discussing the industry's goings on!

We'll all miss Emma's fantastic work for Eurogamer, of course, her trademark last line jokes and her eye for a cool mod. But we'll all just miss Emma. It's been a really difficult year-and-a-half, during which we as a team have hardly seen each other. It saddens me to think that when I do come back to the office, Emma won't be sat at her desk, scouring Nexus Mods or reddit for the next cool story to report on.

So, farewell Emma! Thank you for the amazing work you've done for Eurogamer. We wish you all the best in whatever's next - and whatever it is, you'll absolutely smash it.

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