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Far Cry Primal promotion invites you to sleep in a cave


Ubisoft is promoting Stone Age open world game Far Cry Primal by inviting people to sleep in a cave in the middle of winter.

You can win the chance to do this, accompanied by a friend, by sending a tweet to @FarCryPrimal mentioning #cavebnb. You'll also need to explain exactly why it is you want to do this...

One lucky(?) winner will then travel to "an undisclosed location in France" for their night in the wilderness.

On the surface it all sounds, well, terrible - but a look at the competition's T&Cs suggest you'll have a pretty good time.

The winner will be flown from wherever they are to the Pyrénées, stay in a hotel in Lourdes, get professional survival training, bed down in a "€500" a night cave then get travel back the following day.

To illustrate all of this, Ubisoft sent along some footage of a cave. Enjoy:

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