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Fantasy board game Armello set for PS4 in September

"Game of Thrones meets Kung-Fu Panda."

Armello, the turn-based fantasy board game currently making the rounds on Early Access, is now confirmed for a September release on PS4 in addition to PC, Mac and Linux.

Described by developer League of Geeks' founder and director Trent Kusters as "Game of Thrones meets Kung-Fu Panda", Armello tasks players with playing as a hero of one of four animal tribes who is beset of becoming the next ruler of the kingdom.

The player can attain this status in of four ways: slaying the king; having the most prestige when the ill king dies (either due to health issues or being slain by someone who falls in battle themselves); collecting four Spirit Stones that restore the land; or killing the king by having more "rot" than him in battle.

To get a better sense of how it all works, watch our Chris Donlan play it with our other Chris, Bratt, along with developer League of Geeks.

Cover image for YouTube videoEurogamer plays Armello with the developers (PC Gameplay)

So far Armello's Early Access build only supports four players, but the full game will double that to eight. It will also look even nicer, with the upgraded visuals shown off in the latest teaser trailer below, where we catch our first glimpse of the upcoming playable character Brun "Oakbreaker" the bear.

Armello's Early Access build can be purchased right now on Steam or the Humble Store for £18.99 / $24.99.

Cover image for YouTube videoArmello | Teaser trailer | PS4