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Armello release date set for September on PC and PS4

Two new characters revealed, leaves Early Access this week.

Animal-based strategy game Armello is due for an official release on PC, Mac, Linux and PS4 come 1st September.

Zosha the Whisper.

The Steam Early Access build will exit the shop on 31st July, so if you'd like to snag it early for the discounted price of £18.99 / $24.99, you'd better do that soon.

Developer League of Geeks has revealed two new characters: Zosha the Whisper rat and Barnaby the Screwloose rabbit.

Zosha is a stealthier character who sticks to cover. With limited visibility at night, Zosha dishes out powerful attacks, but can't sustain much damage.

Barnaby is a tinkerer with the ability to switch out gadgets from his inventory, allowing him a more robust arsenal depending on the situation. He's also got high body armour.

Barnaby the Screwloose.

"The public have had access to the first four heroes of Armello for a while now, but these characters bring all new levels of complexity, variety and replayability to Armello's gameplay," said League of Geeks founder and director Trent Kusters. "Playing a game knowing that Zosha could be lurking on any tile at night or Barnaby is likely to have the perfect tool for every situation, are game changers. It's another way we're delivering on the simple depth all great board tabletop experiences possess."

Armello is a multiplayer affair played on on a hexagonal board in which four animal kingdoms strive to overtake the throne after the current king, a lion, goes berserk after being corrupted by an illness called the Rot.

For more on Armello, check out the following match in which Eurogamer Chrises Donlan and Bratt play against the developer. Guess who wins?

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