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Family Trainer to go Extreme this autumn

Base jumping! Climbing! Wakeboarding!

Atari and Namco Bandai are bringing Family Trainer: Extreme Challenge exclusively to Wii this autumn.

It'll allow anyone to replicate dangerous sports like rock climbing, base jumping and wakeboarding in the safety of their homes, "enjoying" a full-body workout that doesn't end in hospital, perhaps.

To achieve all this out comes the Family Trainer mat peripheral, which has eight buttons that people can press with hands, feet, face, bum, tail, children and more. Combine that with the Wii remote, and oh my goodness wave goodbye to calories forever.

At least, that's the plan.

There multiplayer for you and a friend, and Mii avatars can be imported to represent.

The first Family Trainer came out last year and was pretty good, receiving hard fought-for 7/10 from sporty Gibson.