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Fallout's largest ever mod comes out after seven years of development, immediately crashes popular mod website

Something special.

The hotly-anticipated Fallout New Vegas mod The Frontier came out yesterday - and immediately brought popular mod website Nexus to a standstill.

Even now, some hours after its launch, The Frontier's NexusMods page is broken. (UPDATE 18 JAN 2021: The Frontier's NexusMods page is now up and running.)

The Frontier, which has been in the works for seven years, is the largest ever mod for a Fallout game. The release trailer is below:

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You fight in the frozen and snowy wastes of Portland Oregon under the banner of the New California Republic, Caesars Legion, or the Crusaders of Steel. The Frontier is described as "a new game sized" mod, and features drivable vehicles (something the Bethesda games do not), voice acting, new characters and loads of quests.

But the launch hasn't gone smoothly. NexusMods was knocked offline for much of yesterday, and while it's back online now, The Frontier's NexusMods page is blank.

The initial plan was to release The Frontier on Steam at the same time, but this launch has been delayed to next week. Some of those who have managed to get the mod up and running have reported technical difficulties, so it may be wise to wait for the Steam release anyway.

Despite these teething problems, what's clear is there is huge interest in a traditional, single-player Fallout experience at a time when Bethesda's focus is on the multiplayer Fallout 76. Perhaps the company, now under Microsoft's banner, of course, has a group of people working out what the next, official new Fallout game will be.