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Fallout: the Frontier returns with some content removed as contributors distance themselves from mod

"We recognise that these topics were not handled tactfully..."

Fallout: the Frontier is one of the biggest and most-anticipated Fallout: New Vegas mods ever made, yet since its release on 15th January, the mod has found itself at the centre of several controversies.

After some criticised the mod's writing for "fetishy" and inappropriate content, one of the developers was accused of posting "inappropriate content involving anthropomorphic minors," resulting in the mod's temporary removal from Nexus Mods. The mod is now back online, but not only has the expelled developer's work been removed, it seems a number of other contributors have also pulled their content.

According to a post from project lead tgspy, "multiple characters' worth of voice acting" has been removed from the mod after contributors "requested that they not be associated with the project going forward". Beyond this, some artists have asked for their content to be removed, while the music for the "breach outreach" radio station has also been removed at the request of the composer. So while the mod is once again downloadable, you may notice a few missing voice lines - something the team is apparently looking to replace in the near future.

The main reason for taking the mod offline, of course, was to remove content made by the ejected developer, mainly their "icons and self-inserts". As for the controversial lines and content that was previously slated for removal, we now have a little more detail: the lines about enslaving a companion called America have been removed, along with an inappropriate line from underage girl Mae. The team has apparently modified and removed "a few pieces of questionable content mod wide," although the team did not detail exactly what had been changed.

"We recognise that these topics were not handled tactfully, however, there was never any malicious intent behind the writing of the lines," tgspy said.

Those strange lizard-people you could have sex with, meanwhile, have been "locked" in the current build of the mod, but will be re-introduced in an optional file at a later date. So then you really do only have yourself to blame for downloading that.

Here's one of the more infamous screenshots that circulated online.

It seems the mod does still have a future on Steam, with the promise of further updates for the Steam build "to allow for a more independent start". The mod's Steam page is currently hidden, but the Steam release is apparently being finalised following some problems with the launcher. The project lead previously stated the new upload would be the "final build" of The Frontier, but with voice lines in need of replacing and work to be done on the Steam build, it seems the team's work is not yet complete.