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Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition is currently free on the Epic Games Store

And the next freebie is a "mystery game".

If all this bright blue sky and golden sunshine is getting you down, why not retreat into the murky brown post-apocalypse, courtesy of developer Obsidian Entertainment's acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas, which is currently free on the Epic Games Store?

Fallout: New Vegas is, of course, sensibly considered something of a classic, with Obsidian's open-world RPG refining and enriching the series' first trek into 3D - as seen in Bethesda Softworks' Fallout 3 - into an experience Eurogamer called "huge and sprawling, sometimes gaudy, even downright ugly at times – but always effortlessly, shamelessly entertaining".

"Obsidian has created a totally compelling world," contributor Dan Whitehead wrote in his 9/10 review back in 2010, "and its frustrations pale into insignificance compared to the immersive, obsessive experience on offer.

Let's Play Fallout: New Vegas - Late to the Party.Watch on YouTube

Well over a decade on, it's still a bit of a gem, and newcomers can now grab the whole thing in its Ultimate Edition guise for free over on Epic. This includes the base game and a heap of post-launch DLC, ranging from new weapons and other assorted paraphernalia to new story content.

Fallout: New Vegas is free to add to your Epic Games Store library from today, 25th May, to next Thursday, 1st June. After that date, a new freebie - currently only being referred to as "mystery game" - will become available.

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