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Exhibition auctions off spectacular game art for SpecialEffect charity

Dishonored, Arkham City, Fable, more.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A new art exhibition is today auctioning off game pictures for charity SpecialEffect.

Everything on display at the London Game Festival exhibition is for sale, and you can see some of the spectacular images in the gallery below.

Included in the initial batch are three signed pieces from Batman: Arkham City, two Fable 3 pieces signed by Peter Molyneux and the artists, a signed Metal Gear Solid 'Raiden' canvass, plus pieces from Tomb Raider, Dishonored, Moshi Monsters and Runescape.

My favourite: Dunwall from Dishonored, but the Batman skyline picture isn't too bad.

The collection will be made available to bid on in four batches. The first batch is available now. The others will be put up for auction every Monday until 3rd December.

The auction is held online at SepcialEffect is a charity that helps those with disabilities have a better quality of life through games and technology.

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