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EVE surpasses 300,000 subscribers

Over 50,000 at once on one server.

CCP has revealed that EVE Online has surpassed 300,000 active subscribers, a figure up 22 per cent since the beginning of the year (and that doesn't include trial accounts).

The space MMO has also broken its peak concurrent user record three times this year, with 53,850 people (on the same server) now the current number to beat. That's a statistic even World of Warcraft cannot match.

CCP celebrates the milestone as EVE Online turns six years old. In that time, CCP has empowered a democratic population with control of the economy and the opportunity to elect representatives to meet the developer for real-life discussions.

There have also been significant game improvements, most recently the largest free expansion, Apocrypha, which we dived bow-first into to deliver our thoughts recently.

Head over to the EVE Online website for a free trial, or purchase the game to receive a 60-day free subscription.

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