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Eve Online dev building next-gen tech

CCP Newcastle hard at work.

Eve Online developer CCP has begun building technology for the next generation of consoles, it has confirmed.

More specifically, CCP Newcastle.

"Yes, we're currently building tech for the next generation of consoles," CCP Vice President of Business Development Thor Gunnarsson told Develop, "as well as future PC tech too."

"Ultimately, CCP Newcastle will be working in full capacity on technology for the next generation of hardware.

"Newcastle really is an engineering office for us, that's the kind of people we're looking for. They're working on internal tech, and with various middleware, and game engines too."

Iceland developer CCP is pretty busy these days - it's expanding MMO Eve Online, building PlayStation 3 exclusive online shooter Dust 514, and crafting vampire MMO World of Darkness.

The Newcastle office opened last year with an immediate focus on collaborating with CCP Asia to create Dust 514 and to look at ways to wring performance out of Unreal Engine 3.

It was founded by key members of what was once Midway Newcastle - the team responsible for The Wheelman and, further back, Test Drive.

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