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Eurogamer's QuakeCon 2007 coverage

Carmack likes to talk.

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Last weekend, thousands of people converged on Texas for the 12th annual QuakeCon event. Like a strange human farm, each one plugged themselves into a PC, then fired virtual weapons at each other in order to climb the treacherous tournament tower.

But proceedings this year held a much more immediate attraction for us. The first was John Carmack's promise to unveil id Software's new next-generation monster in his conference, alongside other announcements - a few not so minor themselves. And we also knew a polished-up version of Quake Wars would be playable, as would Turtle Rock and Valve's enormously appealing Left 4 Dead.

So, fearing the onrush of hard work, we shifted our load onto Tom's shoulders and shipped him off to the land of cars with horns on. What follows is his battered fingers thumping out an astonishing amount of content, a full list of which can be found below.

Keep you eyes on this page in the coming days because the rest of our coverage is expected soon.




  • QuakeCon 2007 photo gallery
  • New Quake Wars screens
  • Rage trailer

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