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id aware of Steam issues

Fix expected "very quickly".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

id Software says it's aware of a few teething problems relating to the enormous barrage of games it launched on Valve's Steam service last night, and assured Eurogamer they would be fixed.

"I was actually looking at the support forums and noticed a couple of things this morning, so I'm furiously sending people texts going 'look into this'," Steve Nix, id's business development director, told Eurogamer.

"We launched a lot of games yesterday and we would expect a few minor issues. But of course - the great thing about Steam is you can fix things very quickly. So we're going to work to make sure these small bugs are fixed very quickly."

You can read the full interview with Steve Nix, among others, when we get back to England and get the time to properly transcribe them for goodness sake we can't be everywhere at once calm down.

And you can read about id's passage onto Steam, announced last night at the QuakeCon press conference, in the news item they're already calling id games coming to Steam. Hang on, where's Dangerous Dave?

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