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Carmack hopes for Wii game

Orcs & Elves aspiration.

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John Carmack has said that he hopes to see Orcs & Elves on Wii in future.

"I hope we can do a Wii game with Orcs & Elves," he said while talking about Nintendo's console, which he called "a spark of newness".

"We're not going to see Rage on the Wii," he said of the company's brand new title, "but I'd be happy to see some other stuff on there."

Although he admitted that he hadn't had the best experience with Nintendo in the past, and that Wii wasn't on his radar when Orcs & Elves was being established, he was complimentary about the platform and said he was "really happy" for Nintendo.

Carmack made his comments during his keynote address, during which he's covered everything from id Tech 5 and iPhones to the desire to build a brand from mobile phones upward (hence Orcs & Elves' step up to DS from mobiles) rather than starting at the highest end platform and then "degrading" the product down the chain.

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