Orcs & Elves II

QuakeCon 2007 Conference Report

Rage, Wolf movie, Quake Zero, and two hours of John Carmack.

id Software finally unveiled its new game, Rage, and made a number of crowd-pleasing announcements during a densely packed QuakeCon press conference led by CEO Todd Hollenshead and the show's keynote address from John Carmack.

Orcs & Elves DS details

Orcs & Elves DS details

Mobile sequel confirmed.

EA has released more details for the recently confirmed DS version of Orcs & Elves, an action role-playing game originally conceived for mobile phones.

The extra grunt of Nintendo's handheld has let developer id Software bring in 3D graphics, as well as splash out on more levels, items and monsters from the new Dwarven kingdom area. And touch-screen input is said to be an area the team is keen to get to grips with.

"Orcs & Elves was a perfect fit for the DS," said John Carmack, founder and technical director at id Software. "We were able to take excellent advantage of the 3D hardware and unique user input capabilities, and expand the game to include a lot of wonderful features that we just couldn't fit on the cell phones."

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