Orcs & Elves


Review | Orcs & Elves

Sitting in a tree.

id Mobile outlines IP strategy

Plans to alternate, Wolf DS first.

DS could teach devs - Carmack

If homebrew were sanctioned.

Review | Orcs & Elves

Sitting in a tree.

id Mobile outlines IP strategy

Plans to alternate, Wolf DS first.

DS could teach devs - Carmack

If homebrew were sanctioned.

Feature | QuakeCon 2007 Conference Report

Rage, Wolf movie, Quake Zero, and two hours of John Carmack.

Carmack hopes for Wii game

Orcs & Elves aspiration.

Orcs & Elves DS details

Mobile sequel confirmed.

E3: id confirms Orcs & Elves DS

Mobile RPG levelling up.

Orcs & Elves for DS

Carmack spills beans.