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E3: id confirms Orcs & Elves DS

Mobile RPG levelling up.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead has confirmed to Eurogamer that Orcs & Elves, the company's mobile phone action role-player, is in development for DS.

Updating us on the state of the company's project-load, Hollenshead said: "We just had the announcement that Orcs & Elves is in development for the DS with Electronic Arts, by Fountainhead Entertainment. I think that came out in the press release yesterday. If it didn't... announcement!"

Technology guru John Carmack had previously said they were "hoping" to do one, but now it appears it's all in order.

You can find more detail on the mobile version of the game on its official website. Expect more details on the DS version when they do actually get round to sending out that press release

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