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PSP2 vs. 3DS special!

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"HANDHELLO"! Welcome to another HANDY Podcast, brought to you by the guiding HAND of host Tom Champion and friends, none of whom is called HANS.

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Hahaha! Yes! This week Champo and colleagues Tom Bramwell and Tom Phillips are talking about the announcement of Sony Neo Geo Pocket and its amazing features – five-inch OLED screen, dual analogue sticks, front and rear touch pads, made-up launch line-up, etc.

There is a lot to get through. How much will it cost? Will any of those games actually come out? Does anyone care? Everybody is golf? We have answers to one of those questions and more.

In a new weekly feature that we're calling THE BIG QUESTION, we also ask ourselves how the Neo Geo Pocket may fare against such handhelds as the Nintendo 3DS, and arguably rival smartphone platforms iOS and Android.

We also conduct scientific research into how each of us would spend our money if we were forced to consider buying one of the above, and explore our reasons why. The answers may be illuminating – but probably not.

We also have OTHER new features on this week's podcast, including something the lawyers are advising us to call "Sandy Island Games". Listen out for that, along with the results from last week's Metacritic challenge – and of course a free game.

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The Podcast is published each Tuesday at 3pm UK time. For better or worse.

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