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Eurogamer gets a facelift

Details on our fancy new front-end.

Eurogamer is very happy to announce that we can't find any more bugs in the fancy new website front-end we've been working on, so we're going home.

So, while we're busy lying down and waiting for that Rihanna video to come round on The Hits, why don't you have a poke around and see what's new?

You might like to start at the top of the homepage. One of your most requested features is an ability to find good games coming out soon, and good games that have just come out. By clicking "Coming Soon" or "Out Now", you will be transported to pages that list games that fulfil just such criteria.

Oh, and each of the platform pages - Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, DS, PSP, and the rest - should do a much better job of actually reflecting what's new for that platform, neatly, and without bogging you down with links to endless witless columns about new game releases that actually talk about my sofa.

You'll also spot that you can see much more on the frontpage without having to scroll down. This is because of magic. You can click straight through to screenshots and videos of big games, too, rather than having to read some witty text we wrote about them and then click another link like it's 1998 or something.

And if you simply want the raw streams of vids and shots, a bit of scrolling will give you panels of the latest videos and screenshots. Don't they look pretty?

Apart from that, we will leave you to feel your way around. The idea was to give you better, clearer paths to the content you want, and to make it easier for us to shove it up your face. So let us know what you think.

And, er, do tell us about the bugs we missed, because then we can fix them. Just don't tell anyone else or we'll cry.