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Eurogamer expands into Sweden Okej!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Today we're very proud to announce a new addition to the Eurogamer family - our new buddies at!

We've coveted the delightful Swedish games market for some time - indeed, some of our oldest readers are from Sweden - but it's taken a while to find the right partner to establish our own dedicated Swedish-language presence for gamers there who can't speak the Queen's.

Fortunately we feel we've done that now, having befriended the guys at, which has now relaunched as already has a strong following and retains its existing editorial team, headed up by friendly editor Toby Lee.

The site actually launched last week, but we wanted to give them a few days to get to grips with things before we sent you over there to pay your respects. You may now do so.

Eurogamer Sweden isn't the first Eurogamer site to launch in another language, of course - we're also available in Germany, France, Portugal, Holland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Belgium and Denmark.

And English, but then you probably knew that.

Welcome, Sweden!

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