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Eurogamer and Outside Xbox go spelunking

Tom B and Mike Channell whipcrack each other and aggro shopkeepers.

If you've been following my series of Daily Challenge videos, or if you read my Spelunky PC review, then you're already aware that Spelunky is one of my favourite games of all time. I will never stop playing this game.

It turns out that I am not alone in my affections. Mike Channell from our sister site Outside Xbox is also a big fan, so when he was in the office recently we sat down and recorded some amazing co-op adventures, which we're happy to share with you today.

Mike and I form a crack team (possibly) and embark on a life-affirming story of self-discovery and aggro-ing shopkeepers. We do hope you enjoy it - not least because we're going to keep doing Spelunky videos.

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