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Euro LOTRO trial tomorrow

One week for free.

Codemasters Online Gaming has waved its wand and confirmed to us that the Lord of the Rings Online free trial will be available in Europe tomorrow.

Those of you in the US were treated to it yesterday, and will probably already be enjoying your rent-free week of exploring Middle-Earth. Of course, after those seven days have passed you'll be asked hand over some gold for the full game and pay your monthly subscription, just like everyone else. But you will get the option of keeping your characters created during the free period.

You can download the game client from the official site, but it wobbles in at a whopping 3.9GB, so you might want to cook dinner, have a shower, say hello to friends or sing to yourself while you wait.

The Lord of the Rings Online launched in April to wide critical acclaim, and has since grown in size by over 20 per cent, thanks to updates Book 9 and Book 10.

These days there are around 200 more quests to keep you occupied, and Legendary Play to enhance the Monster Play aspect of the game. Legendary lets you take the form of a massive Troll or powerful Ranger if you hand enough trophies in, so you can stomp on others in player versus player combat for a limited amount of time.

Bartering, Reputation and Music systems have all been fiddled with, too, largely because you lot said you wanted it that way - developer Turbine is listening to you, apparently.

Upcoming content patch Book 11 was shown behind closed doors at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig, and will add the much sought after player housing to the game, as well as new areas, massive Cave Trolls, and the legendary Balrogs.

Head over to our Lord of the Rings Online gamepage for our review, plus all the latest news, screenshots, and trailers.

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