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ESRB: ACII has "seduction mini-game"

No it doesn't. Not really.

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The American ESRB has posted its rating summary for Assassin's Creed II, drawing attention to a "seduction mini-game" among other things, some of which constitute minor spoilers.

"The game contains strong sexual overtones," according to the summary. "During one 'seduction mini-game', players are able to press buttons to kiss a woman and remove her dress; with the woman's back facing the camera, the two characters lower to bed and blow out a candle."

Elsewhere it describes how you interact with prostitutes and enter brothels, "though no nudity or sexual acts are depicted", and offers examples of some of the saucier dialogue. There's also loads about blood pouring from necks and so on, but anyone who played the first one knows all about that.

We're reviewing Assassin's Creed II at the moment, and are bound not to reveal too much until next week, but it's worth noting that the "seduction mini-game" is little more than a prompt to hit a button during a cut-scene very early on, and is not repeated. It's not exactly Hot Coffee, put it that way.

As for the prostitutes - sorry, "courtesans" - you do employ them, but only to distract guards so you can steal treasure, or to blend into a crowd when your notoriety rating is high and you need to move through the streets without attracting guards' attention.

There is quite a lot of swearing and references to sex acts in the dialogue and "database" entries, but anyone old enough to buy the game has probably heard worse. Probably the most harrowing thing is when Ezio's mum scolds him for chasing "vagina", and that's mostly because it makes you cringe.

Read the rest of the ESRB rating summary if you're that bothered.

Assassin's Creed II is due out for PS3 and Xbox 360 on 20th November, with a PC version to follow next year.

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