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ESRB quiet on Manhunt re-rating

Politician has a strop.

The ESRB is refusing to detail its reasons for re-rating Manhunt 2, despite a California legislator's demands, reports.

Last Friday, Rockstar announced that it made modifications to the game and received an M rating from the ESRB. The game was originally given an AO rating, effectively preventing the game from being sold in the US.

California State Senator Leland Yee, whose 2005 legislation banning the sale of violent videogames was recently determined to be unconstitutional, demanded that the ESRB disclose specific reasons for the new rating.

In a written response, ESRB president Patricia Vance said: "Publishers submit game content to the ESRB on a confidential basis. It is simply not our place to reveal specific details about the content we have reviewed, particularly when it involves a product not yet released.

"What can be said is that the changes that were made to the game, including the depictions themselves and the context in which those depictions were presented, were sufficient to warrant the assignment of an M (Mature 17+) rating by our raters."

Yee has called for the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the ESRB.

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