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Escape from Tarkov names and shames cheaters in public spreadsheet

Cheating Up With The Kardashians.

An Escape from Tarkov screenshot showing a masked sniper hiding in long grass.
Image credit: Battlestate

I don't like cheaters, and I am sure you don't like them either. I am always happy to see video game developers doing what is necessary to get cheaters out of our games. It just makes the whole experience that bit better.

However, not content with just booting the offending parties out of their games, the Escape from Tarkov team has taken things one step further and compiled a spreadsheet of all the cheaters it has booted out. It has then shared this document with the public (if you want to scroll through it for yourself, here it is).

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As reported by TechCrunch (via PC Gamer), Battlestate Games said it recently banned 6700 cheaters and added all of their nicknames to this document.

"We want honest players to see the nicknames of cheaters to know that justice has been served and the cheater who killed them in a raid has been punished and banned," Battlestate Games' spokesperson Dmitri Ogorodnikov explained to TechCrunch.

Fair enough, I guess.

This move comes hot on the heels of Nikita Buyanov's (the team's COO) impassioned words on Reddit, calling out "hackers, cheaters and other related scum of the earth".

"Every time for a long time, unfortunately, one way or another, a problem with cheaters pops up. And people immediately start blaming us for not caring," Buyanov wrote. "Your worries and indignations are 100 percent clear to us. And always have been."

Buyanov closed by imploring Escape from Tarkov players "report all these bastards," stating "we will make the game cleaner together".

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