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Elite Dangerous official support for Oculus Rift launch confirmed

Stay on target.

Frontier has confirmed Elite Dangerous' official support for Oculus Rift in time for the virtual reality headset's launch later this month.

Frontier will release an updated version of the space game that contains support for the latest version of Oculus rift for free. All existing and future customers who have an Oculus Rift consumer headset, which goes on sale on 28th March, will be able to use it.

Existing and future players who want to migrate over to the Oculus Store can get a free code from the Frontier Store, the developer said.

On the Oculus Store, a Deluxe Edition bundle of the game will be sold. This includes Elite Dangerous, Elite Dangerous Horizons Season Pass, and a starter pack of paint jobs and a bobble head. You have to create a Frontier Store account.

The news comes a month-and-a-half after Frontier indicated it had shifted focus from Oculus Rift to SteamVR in part because of an early delivery of a stable software development kit.

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