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Elite: Dangerous dev Frontier focuses on SteamVR

As work continues on adding official Oculus Rift support.

UPDATE: Frontier community chief Zac Antonaci has issued a follow-up statement, and said the developer continues to work with Oculus on Elite Dangerous Rift support.

In a post on the Elite Dangerous forum, Antonaci revealed Frontier's focus shifted to SteamVR in part because of an early delivery of a stable software development kit.

ORIGINAL STORY: Frontier has confirmed Elite: Dangerous does not currently officially support virtual reality headset Oculus Rift.

The developer is focusing, instead, on SteamVR.

Eurogamer was tipped off to a potential drop of support for Oculus Rift by a source who pointed to the lack of mention of the headset on the Elite: Dangerous store.

When contacted about the change, Frontier confirmed its move to focus on SteamVR.

The obvious follow-up question was whether the move was prompted by Frontier signing an exclusivity deal to release Elite: Dangerous on the HTC Vive first, but the Cambridge developer insisted this was not the case.

Frontier issued Eurogamer the following statement:

The news comes as some surprise, given Frontier has used Oculus Rift to demo Elite: Dangerous' virtual reality potential at a raft of events over the past two years.

Those within the game's community, however, might have seen this coming. Elite: Dangerous ceased to work with Oculus Rift builds post 0.6. Indeed the developer took to its own forum earlier this month to address concern about the headset ahead of pre-orders going live.

"With the news that Oculus are starting pre order of their consumer version tomorrow, I wanted to just make a quick post to confirm that we are still actively working with Oculus but currently the only SDK we are able to officially support is 0.6," community chief Zac Antonaci said.

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