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Eldritch to receive free Christmas DLC Mountains of Madness

Glory to the great old ones.

First-person Lovecraftian action-roguelike Eldritch will be getting a free Christmas-themed expansion on 19th December.

Entitled Mountains of Madness, it will contain a 10-story dungeon beneath the frozen Antarctic tundra. Developer Minor Key Games is also promising new weapons, tools, powers, and monsters - at least one of which is a penguin. A very evil penguin.

Our Chris Donlan described the Pittman brothers' randomly generated adventure as "a sweetly toxic blend of Lovecraft, Minecraft, Spelunky and BioShock," in his glowing review of Eldritch.

To see more of this yule-tide charm, check out the debut trailer for Mountains of Madness.

Cover image for YouTube videoEldritch: Mountains of Madness Trailer