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Eidos quiet on Tomb Raider Anniversary for Xbox 360

ESRB points to episodic theory.

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Eidos has declined to comment on rumours that Tomb Raider Anniversary is heading to Xbox 360.

Speculation erupted after a listing for the game was found on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board website. It suggests that four different missions, or maps, will be released on Microsoft's console - probably through Live Marketplace.

Both release date and price are yet to be set.

Tomb Raider Anniversary is a revamp of the first game in the iconic action series. It's built on the Tomnb Raider Legend engine - the same one featured in the Xbox 360 game, which suggests it wouldn't be too difficult for developer Crystal Dynamics to replicate the adventure.

We recently got our hands on the PlayStation 2 celebration of over a decade of Lara and found it to be a wonderful trip down memory lane. Head over to our Tomb Raider Anniversary review for more information.

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