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EGTV Exclusive: The Witcher

Doing what he does best.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

If you were magical you'd probably know that Eurogamer TV is showing an exclusive video of The Witcher.

It's a glorious cinematic that shows the hero, Geralt, battling all sorts of baddies - from money-grabbing swine to drooling beasties. It's ever so atmospheric.

The Witcher is based around Polish novels that follow the adventures of a professional and mutant monster hunter, Geralt.

Developer CDProjekt is hoping to recreate the atmosphere in its PC action role-playing game, which is built using the impressive BioWare Aurora engine. The content will be aimed at a more mature audience, who will enjoy an engrossing storyline and brutal mix of spellcasting and melee combat.

It's due for release later this year.

We went over to Poland recently to see how the game was coming along. And while we had only a limited amount of time to spend with the game, the attention to detail was obvious - this isn't another generic role-playing game. You can find our full first impressions of The Witcher elsewhere in the Eurogamer cave.

Head over to The Witcher website for more information.

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